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Hold on! It's Not The Money?

A red herring is something that draws attention away from the central issue. An abundance of red herrings are used to justify organised medicine’s opposition to chiropractic.

In various nations and over generations, chiropractors have been subjected to legal persecutions, thousands of jail terms. A US restraint of trade trial, Wilk v AMA[i] exposed a conspiracy among US medical associations to “first contain and eventually eliminate the chiropractic profession”. IN NZ, medical opposition to chiropractic was described as being for all practical purposes, intense and absolute [ii]  and, remorseless and unrelenting. [iii] Australia's chiropractors have experienced the nationwide trade boycott, apartheid and disinformation programs.

Red Herrings aside, in my opinion medicine’s central issue is, humanity grasping the true value of chiropractic care, using it appropriately creating a multibillion dollar threat medical incomes. A worldwide, multibillion dollar, opportunity for subluxation related disorders to be managed by the medical or the chiropractic profession is at the heart of organised medicine’s conflict.

The medical management of subluxation related disorders denies/ignores the subluxation causing the symptom which provides the opportunity for ongoing treatment of the symptom, for as long as the subluxation creates the symptom/s.  Medicine’s opportunity to profit from ongoing treatment ceases when a chiropractor locates and corrects the cause of the subluxation related disorder and leaves it up to the body to resolve the subluxation related symptoms.

What happens when patients compare both forms of management?

In Canada:  “Over 30 percent of all visits to general practitioners are for back and spine related problems” [iv] “When patients go to chiropractors, they rarely ever return to the MD for back or spinal related problems, thus threatening income from one third of all medical visits.” [v]

In Australia: Australia’s 1977 Webb Report, stated that: “the majority of chiropractic patients have attended a medical practitioner for the same specific symptoms they presented to the chiropractor. …. The majority of patients in those studies had discarded conventional medical therapy because of failure to obtain relief --[vi] The Report went on to say; “From these data the conclusion must be drawn that chiropractic is emerging as an established occupation with a large and growing clientele, the majority of whom report high levels of satisfaction with the treatment they received.” [v]  

Assuming that the Webb Report has held true over the last thirty years the “majority” of chiropractic patients whose “failure to obtain relief” prompted their later successful chiropractic care could by now be numbered in the millions.  The government ignores this massive waste and continues to fund the failed medical treatment.

Government imposed trade barriers keep the public health marketplace free from competition by chiropractors, giving a virtual monopoly to the business men and women, who use the products and services of multinational pharmaceutical companies to medically manage spinal problems. 

Providing direct access to Medicare funded chiropractic care within public health, would be a cost effective way to help those public patients who have subluxation related disorders. However integrating chiropractic into public health would negate both the need for ongoing medical management of many subluxation related disorders and the profit derived from that. In Australia, governments provide $4.6 billion of Australia’s total allocatable health expenditure for the medical management of back or spinal related problems.

In my opinion the bottom line of organised medicine’s war against chiropractic was, is and continues to be, about capturing global monopoly control over the multibillion dollar management of subluxation related symptoms.

I ask our patients to let me know of any errors in the foregoing.   The “Hold On” series of articles debunk some red herrings. Please read and network them.

Michael McKibbin DC

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