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Hold on! Exclusive Dealing Defends My Interest?

Our government permits exclusive dealing by the business men and women who sell billions of dollars worth of products and services supplied by multinational pharmaceutical companies. Seemingly dollar driven exclusive dealing is illegal in markets, other than the public health marketplace. 

Early in my lobbying days I heard MPs claim that it was necessary to exclude chiropractic from the public health marketplace to protect patient and public interest. Long ago, under the pretext of protecting patient and public interest, politicians converted Australia’s single illness industry into two marketplaces; a public marketplace and a private marketplace. 

Within the private health marketplace millions of patients have had successful chiropractic care. It seems logical that subluxation related disorders are equally common among patients who shop in the public health marketplace. 

Exclusive dealing creates a virtual medical monopoly within the public health marketplace which permits Medicine to capture a likely customer base of about 11 million patients and about 2/3 of health care expenditure. Exclusive dealing confines those public patients who have subluxation related disorders to the medical management of their subluxation related symptoms while unnecessarily exposing them to the risk of being a victim of the silent iatrogenic epidemic. 

In a usual sequence of events some patients who have subluxation related disorders experience: 1) medical treatment of their symptoms while the cause of their symptoms was ignored. 2) Later, as chiropractic care corrects the cause of their symptoms, patients compare medically treating the symptoms versus having a chiropractor correct the cause of the symptoms. 

Having their subluxation related symptoms resolved validates that their instance receiving chiropractic care was the right decision. Adult patients know that Medicare paid for the medical treatment that failed to correct the cause of their symptom/s. They now experience Medicare’s exclusion of the costs of their successful chiropractic care.

Medicare exclusion is one of the government created set of trade barriers that keeps competing professions out of the massive public health marketplace and gives pharmacy based medicine exclusive trading rights.

During my decades as a chiropractor I published and widely circulated newsletters criticising exclusive dealing’s betrayal of public and patient interest. Patients and I met with politicians, including the then federal Attorney General and a former federal Minister for Health. MPs know that exclusive dealing denies those patients who have subluxation related disorders among members of our defence forces, returned veterans, civilian prisoners and Medicare dependent public patients of their right to directly access government funded chiropractic care. 

MPs echoed medical disinformation as if it justifies betraying the health interests of past, present and ‘should be’ chiropractic patients. Our delegation was supposed to agree as the MP turned fact upon its head by claiming that these trading arrangements protect patient and public interest.  Our discussions were reminiscent of the emperor’s new clothes. 

When delegates responded “Hold on” and confronted the MP with the reality that her/his support of these arrangements made her/him a party to the harm experienced by these patients; the meetings soon drew to a close. Nothing has changed. 

It is my hope that Australia’s growing chiropractic community can and will discredit the medical disinformation used to justify exclusive dealing and expose the harm that causes. Watch for other instances where medical spokespersons turn fact upon its head.

I ask our patients to let me know of any errors in the foregoing.   The “Hold On” series of articles debunk some red herrings. Please read and network them.

Michael McKibbin DC


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Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


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