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Care for Pets


Dr Peter L Rome authored an article about reports by various chiropractors about caring for subluxations in non-human vertebrates. 

 As a minor co-author, I was pleased to see some our patient's submiussions about favorable chiropractic experiences with their pets.

Over my decades as a chiropractor I have had the pleasure of seeing many four legged patients respond well to chiropractic care.  In my experience it is well worthwhile to have a chiropractor check dogs and cats, for subluxations.

Pet owners have told of limps, of low energy, few to no tale wags, a loss of interest in going for walks, playing games and and doing tricks. 

Reasons for pets incurring subluxations include falling off the back of a cornering utility.  Being attacked by a bigger dog has been a common history. The restaurant cat was hit by a car.  Simply picking up a small dog to brush it and it had profound weakness in its hind legs.

In 2010 state and territorial governments created laws that prohibit chiropractors from publishing testimonials. The law will not prevent pet owners from networking how their pets benefit from chiropractic care.  For those who have seen the benifits of chiropractic care for pets please spread the word! 

 I will delete the testimonials, but retain the pictures. My thanks for the many good memories!









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Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


October 2010
This is the October 2010 newsletter.

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