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Care for Kids

Firstly, a word of thanks to the many parents who have told others about the success of chiropractic care.

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Many years ago John junior and his mum Claudia took part in creating a newsletter about his great response to chiropractic care.  Time flies! 

Excuse my language, some evil bastard organised for the law to ban the use of such testimonials. I have had many great outcomes with infants and children. Their stories should be available for parents to read. Hence, it is very important that parents network that type of information to other parents.



A comparison was made of the health of 200 children of chiropractors and 200 children of paediatricians.   

The children of chiropractors were 69% middle ear infection free compared to 20% of the children of paediatricians. They also had less allergies, less tonsillitis, and 5 times less antibiotic use. van Breda WM, van Breda JM, J Chiro Res 1989 summer:101-3. 

As with adults, infants and children require the free flow of information between her/his brain and the cells of her/his body. That free flow of information should not be disrupted.

From what I have seen through my decades as a chiropractor, people be they babies, infants, children or adults will be disadvantaged if they live in a subluxated state. Living 'a well adjusted' life style advantages us all.

Chiropractic care for kids is hugely important.




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Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


October 2010
This is the October 2010 newsletter.

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